Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"What You Need to Know About Charging Before You Buy an EV"

Do not charge here:

That's pretty much rule #1.

And the headline story from IEEE Spectrum:

One of the first questions people ask about electric cars is usually, “Where can I charge it?”

The answer is most often, “Wherever you park your car.” A 2013 study by Carnegie Mellon University researchers calculated that 79 percent of U.S. households have dedicated off-street parking for at least some of their vehicles, almost always within a few meters of an electric supply that will provide for overnight recharging (circumstances vary in other countries). Electric-vehicle drivers quickly learn to plug in their electric cars after the last journey of the day.

In fact, the data show about 80 percent of the total distance covered by EVs in the United States comes from such home recharging. Those who live in apartment buildings or condos, don’t have off-street parking, or can’t count on using the same dedicated space each night face greater challenges.

For the moment, it’s easiest to drive an EV if you have dedicated parking. These are the basics of how, where, and when recharging an EV’s battery happens....

....MUCH MORE, pretty basic stuff, just do not forget rule #1. 

In April Motley Fool offered up:

An Investor's Look at the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry

There are a couple huge caveats to be aware of:  The Biden administration is considering subsidizing EV charging stations and any announcements could rock the stand-alone players and even the car companies such as Tesla which are moving ahead with their own charging plans.

For what it's worth Soros has a small bit of money in startup Amply Power. Crony capitalism and all that.