Friday, May 21, 2021

"Russian oligarch’s ex-wife sends mercenaries to seize £225m yacht"

This woman is not playing around. You may recall she is suing her son for fraudulently assisting her ex in concealing family assets.

From the Times of London:

Former “military operatives” are to be sent by the ex-wife of a Russian oligarch to seize a superyacht at the centre of Britain’s biggest divorce award.

Representatives of Tatiana Akhmedova revealed yesterday that she had instructed a “specialist asset recovery team” to take the 115m MV Luna after Farkhad Akhmedov defied a High Court ruling to hand over the vessel.

The disputed yacht, which her lawyers estimate to be worth £225 million, is docked in Dubai, where local court orders have repeatedly frustrated Akhmedova’s attempts to take possession of it. She has accused her former husband, an oil and gas tycoon, of continually dodging her efforts to enforce a £450 million divorce award, which was handed down by the High Court in London five years ago.

In a statement issued yesterday, Akhmedova’s representatives claimed that they had so far seized assets from the yacht, including a £5 million helicopter and a £1.5 million speedboat that had been customised with a 1965 Ferrari GTO steering wheel. Akhmedova’s team also claimed to have seized a £40 million private jet. They said that they were now targeting the yacht itself by using “former members of the British military” as “part of a formidable effort to enforce the High Court judgment”.

Akhmedova’s lawyers said that a ruling in the courts of the Marshall Islands had awarded her the Luna and that they would use “all options available” to recover the vessel. The lawyers added: “We have therefore retained the services of a specialist company to retrieve all assets owed to our client.”....


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