Monday, May 17, 2021

"Court declares missing German billionaire dead after 3 years

From the Associated Press, May 14:

A German court on Friday officially declared billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub dead, more than three years after the head of retail group Tengelmann went missing in the Swiss Alps.

Haub, who was 58, was training for a ski mountaineering race when he disappeared under Switzerland’s famous Matterhorn peak, located on the southern border with Italy.

He was last seen on the morning of April 7, 2018, as he headed up a mountain lift with skis and a daypack, and was reported missing to police the following morning after he failed to show up at his hotel in the Swiss resort of Zermatt.

Haub’s family gave up hope of finding him alive after a week and the search for him was officially called off in October 2018.

The district court in Cologne, where Haub lived, said Friday it has now formally declared him dead, giving the time of death as midnight on April 7, 2018. Haub was born on March 2, 1960 in Tacoma, Washington and was a German-U.S. dual citizen....MORE

Billionaires don't go missing that often.
Unless they're Chinese:
November 2020
I haven't mentioned recently how risky it is to be a Chinese billionaire.

From 2012 we have "Another Chinese Billionaire Dies Unnaturally: Poisoned Cat Meat Suspected"  

Which included this from Forbes 2011:

Friends Don't Let Friends Become Chinese Billionaires
I’m no statistics whiz, but it seems to me that a Chinese billionaire dies every 40 days.
China Daily reported Friday that unnatural deaths have taken the lives of 72 mainland billionaires over the past eight years. (Do the math.)

In 2017 Newscorp Australia was reporting:

Scores of Chinese billionaires and CEOs have disappeared in ‘state-sanctioned abductions’

You know that after he brought down upon Ant Financial the Party's wrath that Jack Ma is looking over his shoulder.