Monday, December 7, 2020

Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean: Egyptian Frigate Goes All Medieval On Turkish Frigate

There's something so primitive and basic about ramming that it gets the intended rammee's attention when the position is assumed..

Granted, this wasn't as dramatic (or suicidal) as the little American destroyer escort, Samuel B. Roberts charging at the Japanese armada (eleven destroyers, eight cruisers, and four battleships) at the Battle of Samar but again, it is just so basic that the Turks couldn't help but notice when the Egyptians turned toward them.

From Greek City Times (admittedly a bit biased), December 6:

Turkish Navy humiliated by Egypt when attempting to interrupt MEDUSA 2020 exercises 

According to sources in the National Guard of Cyprus that were quoted by Infognomon, a serious incident involving the Turkish Navy occurred during the joint MEDUSA 2020 military exercises between Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and France this morning.

The incident was between an Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate of the Egyptian Navy and a frigate of the Turkish Navy.

Specifically, the Turkish frigate, according to OPEN TV, was the famous Kemal Reis ship that was also humiliated earlier this year by the Greek Navy.

The Kemal Reis attempted to enter the exercise area in Egypt’s maritime space. The Kemel Reis was duly warned to leave the area but it refused to obey instructions.

What was probably unexpected for the Turks, the Egyptian frigate rushed directly towards the Turkish one in an attempted collision. However, the Turkish captain literally fled immediately and did not try and approach the exercise site again.....MORE