Sunday, December 20, 2020

Looking For A Last Minute Gift For That Hard-To-Satisfy Bibliophile?

From the Abolitionist Librarians at the Ivy+ schools, October 27:

A Call for Ivy+ Libraries to Divest from Police and Prisons and Invest in Life-Giving Resources

1. Support Existing Student, Staff, Faculty, and Community Petitions & Movements
2. Make Transparent Current Police & Police-Like Activities
3. Join, Build, & Sustain A World Without Policing
4. Confront the Connection Between Policing & Anti-Blackness
5. Divest Library Resources from Police & Invest in Our Communities
6. Ban Surveillance Technologies in Library Spaces


The Widener Collection at Harvard's Widener Library has a nice Gutenberg bible as well as popular fiction first editions, Dickens et al. Princeton also has some volumes that would make any home library 'pop'.

Never again should anyone be harassed and humiliated by the Library Cop