Thursday, December 17, 2020

"South Korea To Airlift Strawberries To Singapore"

Since posting "Urban Complexity and Fragility" I've been thinking about getting food into cities in the event of a general strike. This scenario doesn't include sabotage and other violent acts, just the people who grow and trade and package and move the food going on strike. In most countries governments would be hard pressed to replace the numbers involved and attempting to force people to work has really bad optics, slavery and all, so I've been thinking about the logistical challenges in keeping the 50 most violent cities in America from going completely off the rails.

One example that came to mind was the Berlin Airlift, the Air Bridge.

But I promise you, strawberries were not on the menu.

From PoAndPo Agrifish, December 10:

South Korea's agricultural ministry said Thursday it will send chartered flights to Singapore to support exports of strawberries, as local farmers have been facing troubles in shipping their produce amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

Under the plan, South Korea plans to send Korean Air Lines Co.'s planes weekly through April to promote the exports of strawberries, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs....MORE