Wednesday, December 23, 2020

PetroChina Makes Huge Gas Find In Uyghurland

Huh. Imagine that.
The Chinese would prefer it be called Xinjiang but let's go with Uyghurland.

From Reuters India, December 20:

PetroChina strikes big gas find in China Xinjiang's Junggar basin: state media

PetroChina,Asia’s largest producer of oil and gas, has struck a large natural gas discovery in northwest China’s Xinjiang region with an initial estimated reserve exceeding 100 billion cubic meters, China’s state news agency Xinhua reported over the weekend.

This marks another breakthrough in the state oil firm’s natural gas development in the region, following a similar-sized discovery at Tarim basin in September last year.

PetroChina tapped 610,000 cubic meters of daily gas flow and 106.3 cubic meters of crude oil at exploration well Hu-1, located in an exploration zone totalling 15,000 square kilometers at the southern rim of the Junggar basin, Xinhua said.

The oil and gas flows were struck at around 7,400 meters below the earth’s surface....


The Junggar was considered a lower probability prospect on this 2012 - 2013 map of China's shale deposits: