Tuesday, December 29, 2020

"EU batteries regulation aims to reduce reliance on China imports"

 From The Asset, December 30:

Europe wants to become a major player in sustainable battery production

he European Union is supporting its auto battery making industry with a package of regulations to enforce strict sustainability standards. On December 10 the European Commission proposed a new Batteries Regulation, which seeks to ensure that batteries in the EU market are sustainable and safe throughout their life cycle.

The EU has plans to establish itself as a major global player in battery production. This will not only bring benefits in terms of jobs and economic growth, but will also help achieve “strategic autonomy", notably reducing dependence on imports from China.

The proposed regulation is described as "the single most important tool that enables Europe to build a truly sustainable battery industry supporting Europe’s transition to electrification". It will now move through the legislative process, with amendments proposed until an eventual vote in the EU Parliament.

Under the regulation, batteries will be collected, repurposed and recycled, becoming a true source of valuable raw materials. For this, the proposal establishes specific requirements at each stage of the battery value chain.

All steps throughout the batteries' life cycle, from the extraction of mineral resources used in their manufacture up to their collection and treatment after use, are covered. 

The legislation will also provide legal certainty that will help unlock large-scale investments and boost production capacity for innovative and sustainable batteries in Europe and beyond to respond to the fast-growing market....


Might have to dust off the Umicore file, eh what.