Friday, December 18, 2020

Happy Birthday Keith Richards

Pulled out all the stops on the memes this time.
What with so many folks dying over the last few years I realized there might not be another chance.
I could tip over at any moment.

Born December 18, 1943
The guy is 77 years old.
Doesn't look a day over 92.

Isn't it about time we began thinking about what kind of world....
These Are Keith Richards' Daughters
Keith Richards' Housekeeper Has Braced Herself For Finding Dead Body Every Morning Since 1976
Dateline Pompeii: Archaeologists Uncover Ruins of the House Keith Richards Grew Up In
Keith Richards did it at 74.


And finally, I almost forgot:
Here is one of the (120, 150, 200?) songs he wrote with Mick Jagger.

I usually use this version to show the young people how to enter a room like a boss* but after Mr. Jagger demonstrates that entrance technique, Mr. Richards displays some familiarity with a guitar.

*One simple trick is backup singers.
Entering a room with at least three backing vocalists garners one immediate attention and respect.