Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Ummm, Speaking of Davos....

I know the confab won't be in Davos this year (Singapore, May 13 - 16), but is anyone else getting a bit of a Jack Nicholson in The Shining vibe from Greta's recent picture?

Heeere's Greta:


I'm not picking on the young lady but if you do have a problem with this introduction, take it up with her parents and other handlers who are making serious bank out of forcing her to remain in the spotlight. Personally I think Ms. Thunberg is a little bit pissed-off that the covid-19 story has taken attention away from climate. And the fact even the usually Greta-gushing New York Daily News couldn't understand why her parents allowed her to participate in that CNN panel discussion on Covid-19 shows just how awful her handlers are treating her.

This meander was triggered in part by Monday's "From Those Wonderful Folks Who Bring Us Davos...." but more recently by the FT's Izabella Kaminska who wrote a commentary titled:

Ripple: Davos man no longer
How the SEC’s case against Ripple Labs knocks crypto’s establishment dreams.
Back in 2016, within the taupe-coloured finishings of the main Davos conference centre used by the World Economic Forum to shut down the Swiss ski resort every year, this reporter and the FT’s Gillian Tett met with Chris Larsen, then head of Ripple Labs.  

It was January 22, the last formal day of the week-long Alps fest.

A low-key Larsen told us over he had come to Davos -- his first time -- because he felt it was a great place to network and spread the news about his new payment system. The mainstreamness of Davos didn’t bother Larsen. Unlike the rest of the crypto space, which famously eschewed traditional financiers, Larsen wanted Ripple to be seen as one of the grown-ups; as a serious offering that bankers would want to work with. That’s why it made sense to be at Davos.

Just a couple of years later Larsen would briefly become the fifth-richest man in the world, in paper terms, due to the soaring value of Ripple’s underlying tokens, known as XRP, he had come to Davos to indirectly pitch by promoting his system.....MUCH MORE

This was the same visit to Davos that we linked to in:

Where In the World Is Izabella Kaminska: Conservation of Energy Edition
She's in Switzerland!

And as Switzerland's CERN teaches us, when matter and anti-matter collide the result, due to conservation of mass energy, will be the annihilation of both but with an asymmetry favoring residual matter in the resulting hadron cascade.
Anyhoo, here's one of Ms Kaminska's tweets which you can blame for my ramble:


Izabella Kaminska and Davos: Some Thoughts
Her thoughts, not mine. You wouldn't be interested in my thoughts at the moment, they involve delicious baked goods triggered by an early scene in the embedded vid:...

As for Greta, although this year's big climate conference, COP 26, was cancelled, it has been rescheduled for November 1 -16, 2021 with the venue remaining the SEC Centre in Glasgow.

That should lift her mood a little.