Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Shiveluch Volcano: "NO Major Eruption on 25 Aug, Ash Plume only to 23,000 and not 70,000 ft"

Following up on today's "Huge if True: 'Super eruption of Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka...'"

From Volcano Discovery:
mardi août 27, 2019 22:23 | AUTEUR : T
The recently reported eruption on 25 Aug alerting of an ash plume as high as 70,000 ft (21300 m) did not take place.

There is no data (satellite-based, direct observations etc) to confirm an eruption of this magnitude. 
The report was based on an erroneous alert from the Anchorage VAAC. An eruption did take place, observed by a group of people staying nearby and who sent us images on social media, but it was "only" producing an ash column rising approx. 23,000 ft (7 km) - something not unusual for Shiveluch which has been having eruptions of this size for decades at irregular intervals.... MORE
And a tip of the old chapeau to Marc Andreessen for the "_____ if true" formulation for single-source events.