Thursday, August 22, 2019

Artificial Intelligence: The World's Largest Chip Is As Big As Your Head and Contains 1.2 Trillion Transistors

From the company:

The WSE is the largest chip ever built
  • 56x the size of the largest GPU
  • The Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 46,225 mm2 with 1.2 Trillion transistors and 400,000 AI-optimized cores.
  • By comparison, the largest Graphics Processing Unit is 815 mm2 and has 21.1 Billion transistors.
From VentureBeat:

Cerebras Systems unveils a record 1.2 trillion transistor chip for AI
New artificial intelligence company Cerebras Systems is unveiling the largest semiconductor chip ever built.
The Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine has 1.2 trillion transistors, the basic on-off electronic switches that are the building blocks of silicon chips. Intel’s first 4004 processor in 1971 had 2,300 transistors, and a recent Advanced Micro Devices processor has 32 billion transistors.

Most chips are actually a collection of chips created on top of a 12-inch silicon wafer and are processed in a chip factory in a batch. But the Cerebras Systems chip is a single chip interconnected on a single wafer. The interconnections are designed to keep it all functioning at high speeds so the trillion transistors all work together as one.

In this way, the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine is the largest processor ever built, and it has been specifically designed to process artificial intelligence applications. The company is talking about the design this week at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

Samsung has actually built a flash memory chip, the eUFS, with 2 trillion transistors. But the Cerebras chip is built for processing, and it boasts 400,000 cores on 42,225 square millimeters. It is 56.7 times larger than the largest Nvidia graphics processing unit, which measures 815 square millimeters and 21.1 billion transistors....

And at TechCrunch: 

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Going forward the trend toward specialist proprietary chips, see Tesla's development of their own chips etc, etc will leave NVIDIA with a couple holes in the potential addressable markets they will want to fill.

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