Thursday, August 22, 2019

"Gillette says it is “shifting the spotlight from social issues”" (PG)

Having to write down the value of your brand by eight billion bucks should be a firing offense, if for nothing else, for seriously flawed judgement.
I'm a little bit surprised that Proctor&Gamble hasn't done so.
From, Australia, August 22:

‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’ backlash
Gillette says it is “shifting the spotlight from social issues” after an ad about “toxic masculinity” caused a customer backlash.
Razor brand Gillette says it is “shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes” after an ad delving into “toxic masculinity” caused a customer backlash.

The new ad, which launched last week, stars Australian firefighter and personal trainer Ben Ziekenheiner. “I’ve been a firefighter for 19 years,” Mr Ziekenheiner says in the ad.
“People sometimes ask if it’s scary. It can be, but like anyone who has a job to do, you prepare — not just in terms of your equipment but also mentally and physically.”

The ad spruiks the brand’s SkinGuard range, highlighting the issue of sensitive skin for men who shave every day — including firefighters, who are required to be clean-shaven as it enables a proper seal for their breathing mask.

“We have a very clear strategy when it comes to how we authentically connect with our consumers,” said Manu Airan, associate brand director for Gillette Australia and New Zealand.
“We will continue to talk about what is important to Gillette and that is representing men at their best and helping men do their best. That is not changing. We will continue to do that and demonstrate it in different ways.”

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