Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tips on Hiding From Surveillance Cameras

It is a dream of children, most criminals, some scientists and the odd cow or two to become invisible:

Just remember, wishing won't make it so.
A couple stories on that point, First up rom the gamer-geeks at Bleeding Cool News, April 17:
Man Robs a GameStop in Georgia Wearing a Clear Plastic Bag
Well, give the boy points for being brazen. A man is wanted in Georgia after robbing a GameStop on the evening of April 12th in St. Marys, but what makes the story extra special is that the man was wearing a clear plastic bag over his head. Here’s a photo of the man below from the story that’s being reported by First Coast News, who while they may possibly be a gamer to want to rob the place, clearly forgot their GTA training in finding a better disguise and thought there was no way people would recognize him if he threw something over his face that he could still see through....

credit//First Coast News

A couple years ago these guys thought "If we can just get in, then we're home free":   

Bank Robbers’ Aluminum Invisibility Cloaks Foiled by CCTV

Alas, no.
However there is one tried and true low-tech method that exhibits some efficacy:


That's from Crooked Brains, August 2008.
CB appears to have changed their focus over the decade since we last linked:
Apr 19, 2018
15 Must Have Hippo Themed Products.
Or not, who knows?