Monday, April 23, 2018

"Lunch at the Forgotten Rothschild Party Palace"

The fact that always struck me was: these folks lived as well as the sovereign rulers they loaned money to. An example from the blog, of all the Fabergé eggs we've looked at over the years, the only non-Imperial was the Rothschild egg which, at the time we posted had changed hands for the highest price known, $18,500,000. (it has since been surpassed by the Imperial egg found in the American Midwest)

Egg Decorating: The Rothschild Fabergé Clock Egg

And today story from Vanessa at Messy Nessy Chic:

I stood looking up at the gates, hands on my hips, wondering what forgotten chateau I’d stumbled upon this time. We’d taken a detour to avoid the traffic back into Paris and suddenly pulled over into the ditch by the side of the road at my absolute insistence. What I didn’t know then, peeping through the iron bars, was that I was standing at the back entrance of the largest and most luxurious 19th-century château in France. These overgrown gates gave access to the hunting grounds of the Chateau de Ferrières, the Rothschild country castle not more than 30km east of Paris. Upon visiting the chateau in the late 1800s, the Emperor of Germany once said, “No Kings could afford this! It could only belong to a Rothschild.” But in the end, not only the Rothschilds could afford to keep it– which is why, after snooping around its un-manicured back entrance, I was able to return a few days later for lunch…MUCH MORE
 When she says party palace, she means palace: