Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Film Note: 'The Young Karl Marx' Apparently Not Much of a Date Movie

After seven weeks in American theaters, box office earnings for “The Young Karl Marx” totaled all of $120,826. 
I told 'em to name it "Marx in Love" but noooo.

From The Intercept, March 13:
“The Young Karl Marx”: a Film Whose Time Has Come
A specter was haunting the Inner Harbor. Gathered at the Hilton Baltimore last weekend were the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. For decades, the CPC has been a well-meaning but largely ineffectual expression of the left wing of the House Democratic caucus.

But something has changed, and this year their strategy session was joined by delegates from openly left-wing parties around Europe, all members of parliaments in their respective countries. Among them were a few characters who don’t usually frequent Democratic Party functions: socialists....MORE
Here's Box Office Mojo with the numbers. 

I'm not sure if it says anything about our readers but the most popular links we've ever had were "UPDATED--'The Karl Marx Credit Card – When You’re Short of Kapital'":
Is it a tragedy? Is it a farce? In the land once called East Germany, in a town once called Karl-Marx-Stadta bank called Sparkasse Chemnitz ran an online poll letting customers vote for images to place on their credit cards. And the hands-down winner was Karl Marx, an ironic pick given that … well, you don’t need me to explain why.

In response to this selection, Planet Money has encouraged readers to post a tagline for the card on Twitter, using the hashtag #marxcard. Here are a few of our favorites so far:
  • There are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. Especially If You Abolish All Private Property.
  • From each according to their ability, to each according to his need. For everything else, there’s #Marxcard.
  • The Marx Card – Because Credit is the Opiate of the Masses.
  • The Karl Marx MasterCard – When You’re Short of Kapital

Okay, The Second Time Is Farce: Some Additional Taglines for the Karl Marx Credit Card
 It's Everywhere You Want To Be But Can't Go Due To Internal Travel Restrictions  
A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of cash back and low, low interest rates.