Monday, March 23, 2009

Tarp II: "Get in on This While You Still Can"

That's DealBreaker's eight word assessment. I'm sure they'll have more later today, maybe cynical, maybe sarcastic. They put the Public-Private Investment fact sheet into a 5 page PDF.
("DealBreaker, now with added snark!")
MarketBeat gets a quote in "Newest TARP Gooses Futures":
“Caution is warranted, in that that the devil is very much in the details of the plan’s execution,” writes Dan Alpert, managing director at investment bank Westwood Capital, who believes that cooperation between the government, banking and private investment sectors will be key to “ensuring that the assets weighing down financial institutions are ultimately priced to sell and that the subsidies offered to investors serve as substitutes for normal market financing (not currently available)” rather than just marking the prices up to bail out the banks.
The Treasury's site still says "This site is coming soon." but has added these links:

NEW: Public Private Investment Program (PPIP)

FT Alphaville says there will be more at 12:45 EDT, and has extracted some tidbits from the fact sheet.
This is a Trillion dollar story, I'm sure other folks will be contributing their $0.02; more later.