Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Climate and energy Mark up of federal legislation out - Waxman/ Markey

The folks at Kansas' own (sorry 'bout the Jayhawks) Climate + Energy Project have a combo post on a couple aspects of the House Climate+Energy bill:

For those of you following the progress of energy policy on the federal level, two representatives have released their combined vision for what that might look like.

A summary of the contents (graciously provided by a member of an online energy news group I’m on):

Title 1: Clean Energy
• Many provisions based on Markey bills
• RES: 25% by 2025
◦ Can be reduced to 20% if energy efficiency standards are met
• Stand alone energy efficiency provisions
◦ 15% by 2020
◦ Natural gas 10% by 2020...MORE
The second part of the post is political analysis from E&E News (sub. req.), worth a look.
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