Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Likely Is A Big Rally For Alt Energy Stocks?

As a followup to yesterday's "Short Sellers Double Down Against Green & Alternative Energy " we have a link rich post from AltEnergyStocks:

Last week, Jefferies & Co. held its Global Clean Technology Conference. Unsurprisingly, the tone wasn't as optimistic as in previous years, with cash and funding worries top of mind. Nearly two months ago, I discussed some tangible signs pointing to looming problems in the industry. However, despite all the gloom, it seems as though several firms (and investors!) are expecting the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) to provide the industry with a lifeline. But will this really be the case?

For one thing, the major environmental spending programs in the ARRA are relatively targeted (i.e. smart grid, storage, clean transportation) and, although a broad range of companies could benefit from measures such as an extension of the production tax credit, direct government cash payouts will not be forthcoming for all. What's more, it now looks like Obama's plan for a cap-and-trade system, which would have provided a major boost for clean power, will be scrapped....MORE