Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Sex is main cause of population growth"

That's the headline at the Optimum Population Trust's blog. Here are some of the OPT's press releases:

Earth “heading for 5 billion overpopulation” Conference debates sustainable population levels OPT News release 16 March 2009
Big green gains from smaller families Stop at Two pledge launched – study shows benefits OPT News release 16 February 2009
Call for Government population inquiry New OPT briefing and letter to immigration minister OPT News release 5 January 2009
UK future at risk from rising numbers Figures show 388,000 increase OPT News release 21 August 2008
No “unlimited” right to have children OPT Population Day report OPT News release 11 July 2008
Eco-towns irrelevant to housing and environment OPT evidence to Government OPT News release 30 June 2008