Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chinese Solar Stocks Rocket Higher On Stimulus Hopes

Compare with this morning's "How Likely Is A Big Rally For Alt Energy Stocks?".
From Tech Trader Daily:

The Chinese solar stocks have skyrocketed this morning, apparently on hopes for support from the industry from both the U.S. stimulus package and from China’s government.

There doesn’t seem to be any single reason for the massive rally, but there are some bullish tidbits floating around that bode well for the sector....

...Meanwhile, DigiTimes reports that China’s government “intends to take a firm attitude to support the local development of solar energy in China,” although it has yet to design an incentive program to subsidize solar projects, and has not set a time table for designing a program since “costs of power generation are still too high.”

Almost all of the solar stocks are posting big gains this morning, with the China-based players showing particular strength....MORE
I am sick. I saw the word "rocket" and this is what I thought of:

Sick, sick sick.