Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quote of the Day: Albert Edwards, Société Générale

David Gaffen has it at MarketBeat:
...“With every bear market rally, the pressure mounts on trenchant bears such as I am to turn bullish,” writes Albert Edwards, strategist at Societe Generale. “Like all bear market rallies, the same old clap-trap is wheeled out about the market pre-empting recovery 6-9 months ahead and valuations being too cheap to ignore. It would be wrong to say I do not agonize that I might not be missing a turn.
I’m riddled with self-doubt.”
I'm with ya Brother Albert*, but inversely. I don't want to get caught long in the next down-leg.

*We are fans. Our last post on Mr. Edwards "People I Listen To: "Albert Edwards: Back in the bear camp"' had a list of some of his calls:
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