Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"We're From the Government and We're Here to Help"

The helicopters have been loaded with the moneybags, what could possibly go wrong?

Reuben Lorch-Miller Untitled (Helicopters) 2004 video projection [still]

From MarketBeat:
Investors voted with their wallets today, removing funds from the equity and credit markets as the testimonies of the Committee to (Save? Ruin?) the World (Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, and SEC Chairman Christopher Cox) wore on and various senators expressed skepticism of the $700 billion garbage barge trust....

...it is a politically difficult sell to go to voters and tell them you’re proud to have kept employed “many of the same firms that created the mess and paying more for their crappy securities than they themselves would be willing to pay. Vote for me.” ....MORE

Oh that's right, it's a government/WallSt. combined op.