Monday, September 22, 2008

Solar- Profile: At 85, Green Giant Stan Ovshinsky Sees His Ideas Bearing Fruit (ENER)

A great look a a very sharp person (somewhere between Edison and Tesla?), brought to our attention by the estimable Maril Hazlett, no slouch herself, at the Climate and Energy Project.
Dr. Hazlett's latest blog post begins:

Friday lite: Tinkerbell saves energy… (? ? ?)
This video is not on YouTube (and you search for “tinkerbell” and “energy” on YouTube at your own peril, there’s evidently quite an interesting subculture out there that I wish I still knew nothing about) so if you want to see Tinkerbell saving energy, you will have to click directly on the DOE website to do so....
From's 'Green Car Advisor':
Like the environmentally friendly "hydrogen energy loop" that he designed more than a half-century ago, Stanford R. Ovshinsky's career has come full circle.

He was among the first in the world to outline how solar and hydrogen power might someday renewably and cleanly provide most of modern man's transportation and other energy needs -- his "loop" -- and now it looks as if things might come to that.

At 85, Ovshinsky finally is enjoying a turnaround in fortunes of the company he founded in 1960, Energy Conversion Devices Inc.

The inventor's science underlies fabulous technologies such as flat-screen TVs, photovoltaic roof shingles, lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries for cell phones and automobiles, and a form of computer memory that Intel is investigating as a possible successor to Flash....MUCH MORE and worth the read.