Monday, September 29, 2008

Wachovia Roundup (WB)

The WSJ's Deal Journal liveblogged the Citi conference call.

Real Time Economics has the FDIC statement and comments:
...Citigroup Inc. will acquire the bulk of Wachovia’s assets and liabilities, including five depository institutions and assume senior and subordinated debt of Wachovia Corp. Wachovia Corporation will continue to own AG Edwards and Evergreen. The FDIC has entered into a loss sharing arrangement on a pre-identified pool of loans. Under the agreement, Citigroup Inc. will absorb up to $42 billion of losses on a $312 billion pool of loans. The FDIC will absorb losses beyond that. Citigroup has granted the FDIC $12 billion in preferred stock and warrants to compensate the FDIC for bearing this risk....
Market Movers comments on "How to Rescue a Bank" comparing LEH, BST, WB, WM and Northern Rock.

ClusterStock reports "Citi (C) To Fire 15,000 In Wachovia (WB) Deal"