Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The green bubble bursts

There are two Nordhaus' that show up in the green space on the internet. The one who co-wrote this piece (Ted) has a B.A. in history from Berkeley. The other one (William) has done a bit more C.V. buffing.
From the Los Angeles Times:
As the election enters its endgame, Democrats and their environmental allies face a political challenge they could hardly have imagined just a few months ago. America's growing dependence on fossil fuels, once viewed as a Democratic trump card held alongside the Iraq war and the deflating economy, has become a lodestone instead. Republicans stole the energy issue from Democrats by proposing expanded drilling -- particularly lifting bans on offshore oil drilling -- to bring down gasoline prices. Whereas Barack Obama told Americans to properly inflate their tires, Republicans at their convention gleefully chanted "Drill, baby, drill!" Obama's point on conservation and efficiency was lost on an electorate eager for a solution to what they perceive as a supply crisis.

Democrats and greens ended up in this predicament because they believed their own press clippings -- or, perhaps more accurately, Al Gore's....MORE
HT: Environmental Capital

This is the third article of this type I've seen this week. By our lights that makes it a meme. I'll post the other two when we next venture into the link-vault. Do take a look at Wm. Nordhaus' C.V.