Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Why No Climateer Investing Comment On the Buffett Goldman Deal? (BRK.A; GS)

Long time CI readers know that we've been stalking Warren for a while (I didn't understand BKHT at $800, he said shame-facedly).
This $5 bil. deal has some very intriguing ramifications for both financiers and policymakers. It also contains insight for investors that I want to think through.
In the meantime, use of the 'Search Blog' box for Buffett or Berkshire is good fun. Possibly rewarding too.
Or try 'Munger', not nearly as many results but not bad. The first hit is:
The 5 a.m. Buffett Breakfast Club
They’re rich. They’re cheerful. They’re morning people.
a few results later, the best senior management 'all purpose turn-around' I've ever seen:
"Think about it a little more and you will agree with me because you're smart and I'm right."
-Charlie Munger, Vice-Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway