Monday, September 22, 2008

Poor Corporate Governance Highlights Risk of Bank Failures. And: Natural Gas To Play Stronger Role in Many Markets

From "No self-interest here" (and/or the department of duh):

Poor corporate governance ratings are highly correlated with high risk among financial institutions, according to Audit Integrity, which provides such ratings.

For Corporate Governance metrics, “high Executive Compensation is prevalent for the riskiest financial institutions,”...more
Okay, they're both from Research Recap:

Natural gas trade will play a stronger role in all OECD regional markets in the short- to medium term, according to the International Energy Agency.

In its just-released Natural Gas Market Outlook 2008, the IEA says imports will constitute more than half of total supplies, with LNG expected to reach nearly 20%. In OECD North America, indigenous production will continue to supply more than 90% of expected demand by 2015 yet LNG imports are expected to be more than double 2007 levels....MORE