Monday, September 22, 2008

Buzz: IBM to enter solar cell arena

From EE Times, India:

Following the IC slowdown, New York is turning its attention towards solar, especially in the Hudson Valley.

Several smaller solar start-ups have set up shop in Hudson Valley, which is just outside New York City. But the area may get a huge boost, as IBM Corp. is reportedly looking to enter the solar-cell fray.

Encompassing nine counties that stretch 150 miles from just outside New York City nearly to Albany, the Hudson Valley is the fastest growing part of New York State.

IBM may enter the market on its own or with a partner. The company has announced several solar technology breakthroughs, but has yet to enter the merchant solar market.

Frank Falatyn, vice chairman of the Solar Energy Consortium in Hudson Valley, said a ''very large company'' is interested in moving into the market, but he declined to elaborate. Many speculate about IBM's intent. Falatyn is also president of Fala Technologies Inc., which offers turnkey engineering and manufacturing services.

Many hi-tech companies in Hudson Valley are moving into solar amid huge demand for the technology. For example, Prism Solar Technologies Inc. recently announced that it has received the first equipment for its 60 megawatt holographic film production line in Tucson, Arizona....MORE