Friday, September 19, 2008

How Can You Think About Wall Street When Business Dispute Tearing Olsen Twins Apart?

From The Business Sheet:

olsentwinsap.jpgFrom the ever-reliable In Touch comes this report that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fighting—over business. It seems Ashley wants to be a serious businesswoman and focus on the twins' two (natch!) clothing lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James. But Mary-Kate doesn't want to give up her hard-partying lifestyle and put the companies first. So, Ashley's cut Mary-Kate off from working on the more high-end line The Row.

In Touch: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, 22, have spent their whole lives in synch, and together created their clothing lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James, but an insider says their work ethics don’t match anymore — causing a serious rift in their relationship....MORE