Saturday, May 5, 2007

Why France Can Afford To Be So Smug About Global Warming-

"The world has many lessons to offer the United States, some good and some bad. We can learn from Zimbabwe that property rights are kind of a big deal." From WILLisms

Here's one of my favorite quick fact links, they're pretty accurate, the one mistake I found was corrected within an hour of my email. EU members CO2 vs. the Kyoto agreements they solomnly entered into. From

Here's some headlines on the election:
Croatia: Future of EU Depends on the New French President
Switzerland: Sarkozy slams Royal over "riot" warning
Voice of America: Polls Predict Big Sarkozy Win in French Presidential Runoff
Afganistan: Taliban extend hostage deadline till French elections

Those wacky Taliban political pundits.

More on the IPCC tomorrow.