Tuesday, May 8, 2007

TransUranic Express

I thought I'd have a Googlewhack with that one. Nope, 50,000 hits. Throw a quote mark in and I get down to one hit but that's cheating.

There are a few nuggets from the U308,235, 238: Np239, Pu239 world today. First, an ad from ebay:

U 235

Looking for U 235?
Find exactly what you want today.

StockInterview.com has this story "U.S. Government May Sell ‘Very Small’ Amount of Uranium in 2007" which goes in depth on supply issues and concerns. A must read if you want exposure to the new Uranium futures.

David Urban has a couple Uranium stock touts at SeekingAlpha:
The Uranium Bull Market Is Far From Over - Two Stocks To Watch

Finally, BajaeEnergyBlog reposts Why You're Better Off Without Uranium Energy Corp. which I believe I first saw at Citron Research who now post "Citron Calls for a Regulatory Investigation of Uranium Energy (URME)."

I can't believe I just used the phrase "Uranium stock touts"

Wayback Machine, take me to Moab, Utah: July 6, 1952!

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Time Magazine April 5, 1954 "Pennies for Uranium";
Wikipedia, Charlie Steen.