Thursday, May 3, 2007

Climate Change and...

The Wall Street Journal is reporting "There's growing scientific evidence that global climate change is linked to the dramatic rise in allergies and asthma in the Western world."
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I'm afraid we will be hearing much more on this and other effects and causes of Global Warming e.g.:

Cooties getting under your skin? Blame global warming!
Did Caffeine cause Global Warning
Older people most to blame on climate
: Islands Could Fall Off the Map
Researchers link human skull size and climate Hot head v cool head v Mr Potato Head

Climate change is responsible for 2.4 per cent of all cases of diarrhoea
Global warming threatens Kentucky whiskey?
Another global warming gift: itchier poison ivy
Sex lives of grey seals boosted by warming climate
UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister

Warming reverses sex of lizards
Darfur crisis linked to climate change
"Human extinction within 100 years warns scientist"
Arctic spiders may reveal effects of global warming
Global Warming: now it hits brothels

Carbondale Signs US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
Shifts in caterpillar biomass phenology due to climate change and its impact on the breeding biology of an insectivorous bird.
Scientists warn of climate change risk to marine turtles
Climate Change Drives Disease To New Territory Viruses Moving North

In maple sugar country, creeping fears about climate change
Rising ocean temperatures, pollution have oysters in hot water
Premiums up? Blame global warming
Global Warming and the Growing Intellectual Bankruptcy of Libertarianism
Global warming caused by lack of pirates

Heat-Related Death and Mental Illness During the 1999 Cincinnati Heat Wave.
Scientists discover global warming linked to increase in tropopause height over past two decades
Foreign fungi are invading nation
West Coast climate change could threaten wine production, study suggests
Winemaker welcomes news of warming

Freak weather fells Italian mountains
Hornets hit France and could reach Britain
Climate change has surprising effect on endangered naked carp
Study: Polar Bears May Turn to Cannibalism
Warming world 'means longer days'

Tory MP links action on climate change to suicide
Climate change may threaten more than one million species with extinction
Global warming threatens crocodile populations with extermination
Global warming forces Swiss ski resort to wrap glacier
Squirrels show genetic response to warming

Global warming may kill off oak and bluebell
Kitten boom litters shelters
"We Have to Take Away People's Fear of Climate Change


"Climate change is allowing plants that thrive in warm climates to creep northward in the U.S., the New York Times reports"

We had a similar story last month at ClimateerEconomics:
Redwood speaks of global warming 'benefits' Spruce forests invade Arctic tundra

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