Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Active Spot Uranium Demand Dropped by 65 Percent in April

Julie Ickes writing at says uranium trading has slowed to a crawl in the spot market.
Regarding uranium equities an analyst said "
“The Australian Index seems to be forming a base, and at this point one cannot determine whether it will move down or is getting ready to move higher.”

Okay, it may not be fair to cherrypick a quote that was probably cherrypicked from the interview; it is however, fun.

edit 8:28: I have a friend who carries around an old Cycle-chart book hoping to meet technical analysts. When he does he rips a page out, challenges them to tell him where the stock went and since they're professing expertise, give him 7 to 5. He's ahead of the game. Another friend spent hours agonizing over index charts in 1994. He finally said "I got nothing, maybe I should go work construction". Instead he flipped a coin, went long and had fun for the next five years. There are many ways to make money from technical analysis.