Friday, May 25, 2007

Green Living on the Web -- Will Martha and Oprah Join the Fray?

That's the title of Joel Makower's last post on his two steps forward blog. I check in at least once a week. As a professional writer he does things with words I can only dream about.

This post was about all the green sites popping up:

"Where will it all lead? Can the public -- not to mention advertisers -- sustain all of these sites? Will Web surfers soon tire of "green living" and move on to something else? There's plenty at stake here -- untold millions in investments, and millions more in ad dollars pledged by makers of cars, cleaning products, cosmetics, and countless other goods and services."

Here's a post from January:
"Is 'Carbon Neutral' Good Enough?"
"What, in Al Gore's name, is going on here? Has the whole world gone carbon crazy?

Check it out, lots of links from an old pro of the Green game.

(No offense intended by the use of "game" see: freakygirl at the forum quoting Ken Keyes Jr. "Life is just a game, we play it, happyness is here to stay!!!")