Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Your Gas Money's Going

That's the headline on a post at this morning's WSJ Energy Roundup.
To which I can only add:

  1. PD Shaw Says:

    Let’s see:

    * federal gas tax (18.4 cents per gallon)
    * state gas tax (NY = 31.9 cents per gallon)
    * state sales tax (NY = 8.3 cents per gallon)
    * state spill tax (NY = 0.3 cents per gallon)
    * state petroleum testing fee (NY = 0.5 cents per gallon)
    * county taxes (NY avg. = 7.9 cents per gallon).

    That’s 67.3 cents per gallon, or about 22% of $3.05 per gallon of gas. I’ve seen estimates that Exxon earns from 5 to 13 cents per gallon in profit.

    I support higher gas taxes, something unlikely to happen if the debate is framed by Schumer.

  2. DO I HEAR AMEN! From a comment posted at The Glittering Eye.