Monday, May 28, 2007

Global warming drives up prices on beer in Germany

"Beer prices are a very emotional issue in Germany ..."

"It's absolutely outrageous that beer is getting even more expensive," Glutsch said, gulping down the last swig of his half-liter dark beer at lunch. "But there's nothing we can do about it - except drinking less and that's not going to happen."

"Beer drinkers across the country will get upset when beer prices will rise even further in the fall," said Koenig. "We are therefore demanding that government stop its subsidies for biofuels immediately."

From Pravda
Hat Tip Environmental News Network (although they mention the AP version, yr. hmbl. svt. went in search of the definitive story)

This is serious. Does anyone remember what happened the last time Bavarians got pissed and pissed off?

Lousy architecture, dedicated to the memory of those felled 8-9 Nov., 1923.

The corporate history, current back to 1920, is:

Inbev acquired Spaten-Franziskaner-Löwenbräu-Group in 2004 which was created by the merger of Spaten and Lowenbrau in 1997. Lowenbrau aquired Burgerlisches Brauhaus (BB) in either 1920 0r 1921. On Nov. 9, 1923 BB owned the Burgerbrau Keller, where a secular religion was founded, complete with myths, heroes, icons and a messiah.

All the companies were publicly held, although I can't imagine the markets were very liquid in April, '45.
In the words of Hermann Goering: "
Shut up. You've got your beer, haven't you?"