Monday, May 14, 2007

Inside the Silicon Valley cleantech investor brain

inside greentech (what's with the e.e. cummings no caps thing? It's as silly as the period rather than the hyphen/dash in phone numbers ca. 1999) had a piece last week giving some insight into current investment thinking on Clean-tech, Greentech and alt-energy.

Don't get me wrong, i.g. is a great source, but for people who have to wade through a lot of print, it's a pain when the design folks burst the shackles imposed by the man, or whatever.

Some cherrypicks:

By contrast, Carol Sands of the Angels' Forum, an affiliation of individual angel investors that also represents an associated "Halo Fund" of others' money, said she's currently staying away from solar companies.
"I'm so tired of solar!..."

Justin Label of Bessemer Venture Partners said his investment criteria specified deals with a low capital-intensive business plan, a low science risk, a proven business model and a team he could believe in.

"Saving the world is not a substitute for being financially successful," said JP Morgan's Dorsey, to an audience that batted few eyes at the comment."