Sunday, May 28, 2023

Meanwhile, In Wales: Couple With 400 Different Personalities Between Them

It's probably a good thing they found each other, though it must get confusing at times.

Thanks, I think, to a friend for this five-year-old story.

From The Daily Mail:

Couple with identity disorders who have over 400 personalities between them reveal they sometimes go a day without eating – because their child ‘alter-egos’ don’t know how to COOK 

  • Kai and Franz have both been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • It means the couple both have a number of different personas, known as 'alters'
  • Alters' include boisterous children to quiet adults and emerge without warning
  • Simple tasks such as cooking and shopping can be almost impossible for them

A couple who both suffer from a multiple personality disorder have revealed the struggle of living with hundreds of competing identities.

Kai, 27, and Franz, 26, who live in Cardiff, have both been diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder and have more than 400 different personalities, known as 'alters', between them.

The 'alters' range from boisterous children to competent adults and each comes with their own memories, behaviours, attitudes and perceived age.

In 5Star documentary My Multiple Personalities & Me, viewers are shown how Kai and Franz can both 'switch' alters several times during a single trip to the supermarket, forcing them to try and appease each one with the shopping list....


I wonder if LSD would be therapeutic.