Thursday, November 10, 2011

"S&P Explains How A Technical Error May Have Led Some To Believe That FrAAAnce Is Massively Overrated At AAA"

Picking up the Miss Congeniality prize in our headline contest is ZeroHedge:
Just out via S&P:
As a result of a technical error, a message was automatically disseminated today to some subscribers of S&P's Global Credit Portal suggesting that France's credit rating had been changed. This is not the case: the ratings on Republic of France remain 'AAA/A-1+' with a stable outlook, and this incident is not related to any ratings surveillance activity. We are investigating the cause of the error. Media Contact: Martin Winn, London (44) 20-7176-3740;
"BataliGate: Goldman May Or May Not Have Been Short The 7-9pm Reservation Tranche "

"Italy in Recession; Industrial Production Drops 4.8% M/M, .1% Q/Q; Barclays says GDP Likely Negative; Vast Army of Krugmanites to Howl at Moon"