Friday, November 4, 2011

Paging Anthony Weiner: Glen Beck Fav. Goldline Charged With Criminal Fraud

Look at the margins in bullion, even in bullion coins, versus the margins in so-called collectibles and the pitch almost writes itself:
Well Mr. Steerable, let's turn that soon to be worthless U.S. currency into valuable commission income.
From the Santa Monica Daily Press:

City Attorney files charges against Goldline International
CITY HALL — Attorneys with City Hall's Consumer Protection Unit said Tuesday they have filed criminal charges against Santa Monica-based Goldline International for allegedly using conservative spokespeople such as Fox News' Glenn Beck in a "bait-and-switch" operation to sell overpriced gold coins.

The 19-count criminal complaint was filed Tuesday against Goldline, one of the nation's largest precious metal dealers, and several key executives and salespeople....
And the former Congressman?
Weiner spent $130K of campaign cash after he resigned: report
Anthony Weiner may be down, but he's still working his mojo....
Oct. 24, 2011