Thursday, November 3, 2011

London: Authorities Threaten #OccupyStPaul’s Protestors With "Visit From George Monbiot"

From Newsbiscuit:

where's God when you need Him?Anti-capitalist protestors are being told they face a lengthy visit from columnist and self-styled eco-warrior George Monbiot if they don’t withdraw from their encampment in St Paul’s Square.

The protestors are said to be ‘in disarray’ over news of Mr Monbiot’s imminent arrival at the camp. The visit is supposedly to offer ‘advice on fully ethical and sustainable modes of inner city non-violent passive resistance’, but it is widely seen by the tented ones as the quickest way to bore them into giving up any hope of changing the world and going home instead for a nice, hot, gas-powered bath.

The City of London Corporation’s planning committee says that they have ‘thought long and hard’ before calling in Mr Monbiot, a move which County Hall refers to as the ‘nuclear option’ – although, they clarified, ‘obviously, without the nuclear’.

Monbiot (48) is believed to have already begun the walk to London from his wattle-and-daub eco-home in the Brecon Beacons. He plans to travel as far as Pangbourne on foot, completing the journey down the Thames in a geodesic kayak, finally riding into St Paul’s square on a solar powered Segway....MORE