Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Climateer Goes Trick-or-Treating Solyndra Style (and the Chinese bidders show up to pick Evergreen Solar's bones) EVER; SOLY, BCON

That's me, in my bankrupt solar panel outfit.

And speaking of bankrupt solar panel outfits...
The first of the solar bankruptcies, Evergreen is auctioning off their equipment today.
From the Boston Herald:
Evergreen Solar auction takes heat
Today’s scheduled auction of Evergreen Solar’s defunct Devens factory and technology assets has been delayed at least a week while a bankruptcy court judge sorts out objections to the sale.

The Marlboro-based company agreed to a stipulation, subject to a hearing tomorrow, that excludes certain patents to which the U.S. Department of Energy claims ownership rights.

The DOE wants to “prevent foreign entities from gaining control over federally funded technology and competing with American industry unfairly,” according to a court filing.

Many of the bidders are reportedly from China, whose heavy subsidies of its solar industry helped push Evergreen into bankruptcy....MORE
Also in today's Herald:
Beacon Power latest ‘green’ co. to fail despite state, U.S. aid

SOLY was the proposed symbol for Solyndra's stock.