Monday, November 7, 2011

Berkshire Hathaway: "A Thinking Man's AIG" (BRK.B)

The runner-up for the prestigious Climateer Line of the Day goes to DealBreaker:

Berkshire Hathaway Is Too Big, Interconnected, Smart, Awesome For You To Worry About What It’s Up To
...At the high end, Berkshire Hathaway, which is not entirely unlike a thinking man’s AIG and has a $385 billion balance sheet, disclosed Friday that it lost two billion dollars last quarter in mark-to-market on its $34 billion notional of short S&P index puts. Also Berkshire is ramping up single-name equity investments without telling anyone what they are.

One more thing about BRK/A that you may or may not find related is that it may or may not be a “non-bank G-SIFI,” that is, a financial institution that is not an FDIC insured bank but is nonetheless “too big to fail” because of its size and interrelationships...MORE