Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Attention Rainmakers: President Obama's Bundlers = Big Money

Following up on "MJ Exclusive: The Koch Brothers' Million-Dollar Donor Club"and inspired by the failure of MF Global (Jon Corzine makes a few different lists) here's where the loot is.

We list the bundlers in the top tier, $500,000 or more raised in the third quarter.
For the $50 to $500K crowd follow the link.
From barackobama.com:

Obama For America and Obama Victory Fund 2012 Volunteer Fundraisers

Amount Raised: $500,000+

Last NameFirst NameStateCity
Barber Rob MA Cambridge
Barzun Matthew KY Louisville
Bauer Denise CA San Francisco
Benioff Marc CA San Francisco
Bernstein Andi & Tom NY New York
Cohen David PA Philadelphia
Connors Eileen and Jack MA Boston
Corzine Jon NJ Hoboken
Costos James CA Los Angeles
Effron Blair NY New York
Emerson John CA Los Angeles
Forester Christine CA La Jolla
Frank John WA Bellevue
Gilbert Mark and Nancy FL Boca Raton
Green Steven FL Miami Beach
Hartley Jane NY New York
Katzenberg Jeffrey CA Los Angeles
Kempner Michael NJ East Rutherford
Kennedy Lena CA Pasadena
Kramer Orin NY New York
Lopez Andres PR San Juan
Mamet Noah CA Los Angeles
Mathis Brian NY New York
Myers Charles NY Tuxedo Park
Parham Michael WA Seattle
Perlman and Karas Dana and Barry CA Los Angeles
Raji Azita CA Belvedere
Rudy Kirk TX Austin
Sepulveda Eugene TX Austin
Sherman Bob MA Boston
Smith Michael CA Los Angeles
Solomon Ken CA Los Angeles
Spahn Andy CA Los Angeles
Spinner Steve CA Menlo Park
Stetson Jane VT Norwich
Susman Sally NY New York
Tobias Andrew FL Miami
Weinstein Harvey NY New York
White Frank DC Washington
Wintour Anna NY New York
Wolf Robert NY Purchase

This is my gift to you, my fellow grubbers after clients, money or business.

For folks in Texas looking to end the drought I can't help much, you might do a search for Native American Medicine Man" or "Silver Iodide".