Monday, February 7, 2011

Uptick Alert: This is No Drill: "Bank Stocks Leading the Way" (BAC; C; JPM; XLF)

As we said in last weeks "Chartology: Financial Stocks Are at a Decision Point (BAC; C; JPM; GS; WFC; XLF)":
The ETF closed at $16.40 yesterday and is showing some strength pre-market. It is very difficult to have a market rally without these guys at least being on board if not leading.

The S&P and DJIA futures are indicating higher, 'Buy the Dip' will work until it doesn't.

When the music stops try to grab a chair, this is a dangerous little game we're all playing....
Here's the latest from MarketBeat:

Bank stocks started the week strong in Europe and the positive momentum is giving a boost to bank stocks in the U.S.

Among the gainers: J.P. Morgan (+2.4%), Bank of America (+3%), Morgan Stanley (+2.2%), Goldman Sachs (+1.7%), Citigroup (+1.2%), Wells Fargo (+1.85%) and U.S. Bancorp (+2%).

Several reasons are being trotted out for the rebound in banking shares, including a ramp up in bank merger activity. KWB, a bank-focused investment bank and research shop, says it is “surprised” how high premiums have gotten for recent bank M&A deals, according to Dow Jones. KBW expects bank deals to continue to flourish....MORE
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