Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frontier Rare Earths Ltd.: "Mom I Was Kidding" (FRO.tsx)

On Jan. 25 we posted "Rare Earths: Pssst, You Want a Hot Tip in the Market? (FRO.TO; FRO.WT)":
...If, on the other hand, monsieur et madame should be in the market for say, a wild-ass mining speculation, I would like to draw your attention toward:

A Luxembourg based company with
An undeveloped South African rare earth deposit whose stock
Trades on the Toronto stock exchange.

I'm thinking the warrants....

The warrants closed at 57 cents that day and by the end of the month had closed at 51 cents for a six day 10.5% decline.
Eight days later they were as high as 73 cents. Here's the interactive chart.

I mean this as sincerely as anything I've ever said at Climateer Investing:
This issue is not for widows, orphans, orphaned widows, widowed orphans or Mom.