Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Solar: Goldman Sachs Suggests Selling Covered Strangles (FSLR)

Following up on the post immediately below, "First Solar: Pity the Poor Shorts as the Stock Sets Another New 18-month High, Up $6.90 on the day (FSLR)" we have Benzinga:
Goldman Sachs is out with a research note this morning, where it suggests that traders sell covered strangles on First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR).

Goldman Sachs Alternative Energy analyst, Michael Wienkes, is bullish on the long-term potential for FSLR shares and recently upgraded the stock to Conviction Buy.

Given that management held a conference call in December where they discussed their 2011 guidance, he expects shares to be less volatile than normal around the upcoming earnings release.
The analysts recommend selling the February $150/165 covered strangle for $6.02....
I may have to change the title of the "Goldman Sachs vs. the First Solar Bears: "First ya tree 'em, then ya kill 'em" (FSLR)" post to "First ya tree 'em, then ya kill 'em then ya strangle 'em".