Monday, August 10, 2009

Three Leaders Vow to Forge a "Low-Carbon North America'

Told ya.*
From Environment News Service:
"We share a vision for a low-carbon North America," the leaders of Mexico, the United States and Canada today declared, reaffirming "the urgency and necessity of taking aggressive action on climate change."

Attending his first trilateral North American Leaders meeting, President Barack Obama pledged cooperation with President Felipe Calderon of Mexico and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada on future emissions trading systems, and building a smart grid across the region for more efficient and reliable electricity inter-connections.

In a Declaration on Climate Change and Clean Energy following their two-day meeting, the leaders said they would develop comparable approaches to measuring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions reductions and cooperate in implementing facility-level greenhouse gas reporting throughout the region.

They agreed to share climate friendly and low-carbon technologies and take a regional approach to carbon capture and storage....MORE

*Last February's "The Coming NAFTA Carbon Market" and "Here Comes the NAFTA Carbon Market"