Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here Comes the NAFTA Carbon Market

That was quick.
On Monday we posted "The Coming NAFTA Carbon Market":
This has been a goal of the Carbóñeros since at least the year Kyoto was negotiated and possibly back to 1992, the year of both the Rio Summit on climate and development and the passage of NAFTA.

President Obama's first foreign visit will be to Ottawa on February 19, you can bet that this is one of the topics that will come up. Although the official line is "
Obama visit to Canada will be short and focused on business", the Chicago Tribune's Swamp blog has some scoopage*:
Obama's Canadian adventure: Feb. 19...
Today Reuters reports:

Canada eyes climate deal with "open-minded" Obama

..."The time is indeed right to explore the possibilities that might exist under a more open-minded U.S. administration, with the hope of coming to some kind of agreement on a North American cap-and-trade system," [Environment Minister Jim] Prentice told the House of Commons environment committee....
We'll try to give you a bit more lead time in future.